The marketing and sales toolbox.

Built specifically for healthcare, here's a list of the features that make Influx Marketing Dashboard the sales and marketing automation choice for some of America's most successful medical and surgical practices..


Customer Relationship Management

Delivering an experience that will make advocates out of patients is more than just providing high quality medical care with excellent outcomes. It includes providing the kind of customer care that builds relationships and fosters loyalty for your practice.

Collaboration and Information Sharing

Route leads/patients quickly and easily to the right people.

Accessible from Anywhere

Secure cloud-based application accessed through the Internet

Complete History on a Single Page

Complete lead/patient record on a one-page intuitive interface.

Email Send and Receive

Send and receive email from the lead/patient record

Patient Resource Center (Clinic Link)

A "fully stocked" patient information portal available 24x7.

Benefits of Medical CRM
Lead Management

Lead Management

With its five minute web page integration, Influx can track individual campaign results directly from your landing pages. Go beyond traffic and click-through metrics by matching campaign spend with patient conversion in real time.

Customizable Automated workflows

Fits your current intake process for faster integration

Automated Capture

Capture leads from websites, calls, and Facebook

Anti-Spam and Duplicate management

Multiple spam and duplicate tests for record hygiene

Opportunity Recognition

Lead scoring and ranking identifies "hot prospects"

Process Optimization

Identify and improve funnel leaks, chokes, and other pain points

Reporting and Analysis

Deep analysis of benchmarks and process efficiency

Benefits of medical lead management

Email Marketing

Influx’s built in email marketing tools takes list segmenting to a whole new level.  Smart mail uses direct email customized for each lead in your database to ensure timely and appropriate communication that speaks directly to your lead.

HIPAA and CAN-SPAM compliant

Conforms to all security and bulk mail legal requirements

Customizable Templates

Fully customizable email look and feel for messaging

Easy List Segmentation

Smart lists created from any lead attribute for targeted mail.

Advanced Engagement Tracking

Delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bounce and more.

Deliverability Optimization

Deliverability and reputation management and advice.

Benefits of medical email marketing
online education

Online Education

Integrating online seminars and education videos into your onboarding process is a breeze with our high availability video content delivery network integration and video and advanced education management. Influx MD will handle the entire process from access to tracking and even testing understanding. It’s a simple and elegant way to increase conversions through convenience.

Streaming Video

Top-Tier, high availability content delivery network (CDN)

Text-Based Resources

Supports text-based learning from articles as well as video.

Quizzes with automated grading and feedback

Integrated understanding evaluation tools.

Workflow Integration

Seminars and education run as part of intake workflow.

Benefits of online medical education
Secure Forms

Secure Forms

Avoid the aggravation and security risks associated with collecting lead information. No more emailing enrollment forms or receiving illegible, incomplete or typo laden responses. Influx MD provides fully customizable contact, event registration, profile, quizzes and survey forms ready to use by you and your leads in minutes.

HIPAA Compliance

BBA, SOC 1, SOC 2 certified and HIPAA audited hosting.

Contact, Survey, Registration and Profile Forms

Multiple customizable form types for medial practices

90 + Pre-Configured Demographic and Insurance Fields

Turn-key secure demographics and Profile forms

Honey Pots, Anti-Spam Service and reCaptcha built in

Multi-level spam elimination features.

Benefits of secure medical forms
event scheduling

Event Scheduling

Do you schedule phone consults, group seminars, education sessions, or free consults? Influx takes care of your follow up and reminders to ensure your leads don’t forget their commitments to you.

Lead/Patient Self-Scheduling for Events

Self-service for booking live seminars and education events

Telephone and One-to-One Sales Meetings

Schedule sales and intake meetings with leads 

Confirmations, Notifications, Reminders, and No-Show emails

Personalized invitations, reminders and attendee communications

Simple Drag-and-Drop Schedule Setup for Any Agent

Add and edit schedules in simple drag and drop interface 

Real-time Resource Conflict Detection

Automated checks for availability and conflicts 

Workflow Integration

Schedule meetings as part of normal sales and intake process

Benefits of medical event scheduling

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