Influx MD Updates

Introducing the To-do List.

Keeping up with an ever increasing number of lead related tasks can be a challenge. To help our agents get and stay organized we’ve added a cool new feature to Influx specifically to help you make your workflow easier to manage. The To-Do list has plenty of flexibility so you can adapt it to the way you like to work and use its powerful features to help keep you organized. [Read more]

Automate Flex Tracks with Flex Triggers

Flex tracks allow agents to customize steps included in a track by manually adding or removing steps for an individual lead. In situations where the step selection can be determined based on another field or step value, flex triggers can save valuable time and keep your workflow efficient [Read more]

Increase Map Versatility with Flex Tracks

One of the challenges agents face when working with a defined process map is that not every lead has to be managed using the same tasks that the map requires. That’s why we have introduced Flex tracks, a new type of track that allows greater control over individual map customization without working against your business requirements. [Read more]

Increase Trigger Options with Conditionals

While performing an action in response to an open or close event on a map, track, or step is a relatively straight forward task for Influx triggers, there are times when you may want Influx to choose one of several possible actions depending on the value of a field or a step. [Read more]

Introducing Mirror Steps

Keeping lead information synchronized just got easier with the introduction of mirror steps into the map building process. [Read more]