Insights and Analysis

Insights and Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of your lead volume, customer engagement, and conversion rate at every stage of the sales cycle.

Tie Marketing Team Performance to Metrics that Matter

The count of qualified leads that convert into patients for your medical practice is the defining metric for successful marketing campaigns. With campaign lead reports you can cut through the noise of website hits, unique visitors and social media engagement to find high performance marketing that delivers the best return on investment for your practice.

Allocate Marketing Budget Intelligently

Save money by spending wisely. Campaign source reports provide a clear picture of where your leads are coming from so you can allocate marketing budget to the channels that work and away from the ones that do not.

Motivate and Reward

Do you have a super-star in your organization who turns more leads into patients than anyone else? Can you identify the behaviors that work to close leads and those that don’t? Influx MD gives real-time results of sales performance so you can reward the stars and educate lower performing staff. The result is a patient intake process that really works to make you practice profitable.

Recognize Conversion Ready Leads

Get started with a minimum of effort. There’s no software to download, no installation costs or hardware maintenance required with Influx MD. Our servers are fully managed in secure data facilities in the United States. Where requested we provide HIPAA compliance with intrusion detection and log analysis to protect your data.

Create Custom Reports as You Need Them

Save time and have information you need when you need it. Use the report building module to create reports for meetings and decision making without the need for including IT experts or super users.

Insights and Analysis

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