Patient Education

Influx MD For Education

Leverage the power of high availability streaming video to take your seminars and education programs into your patients’ homes

Increase Program Reach and Attendance with Online Seminars

Increase attendance and completion of your seminars and education programs. Use the convenience of on-demand video to give leads additional attendance options and speed up your intake process.

Integrate into your intake workflow

Include video programs as part of your intake workflow. Your leads complete video programs while you do the surgical authorizations and workups.

Track Lead Engagement

Follow lead progress through your video with in-depth analytics and completion tracking. Notify appropriate staff when videos are completed or send reminders to leads who have not viewed the complete program.

Perform and Record Learning Assessments

Add proof of understanding to your patient record. Influx MD supports custom quiz building and to assess understanding after each video. Progress through the course can be limited until each video and quiz is completed in sequence.

Secure Messaging

Make sure patient questions are answered. Built in messaging allows leads and patients to ask questions during the video. You’ll be notified of the question and can answer from within the leads profile page.

Automatically Manage Access

Send access information to leads automatically as part of your intake workflow. Influx MD will manage initial access and forgotten access keys without any intervention from your team.

Upload Existing Video or have a Custom Program Built for You

Viewing options to meet your budget. Your practice is allocated space on our distributed streaming servers to use for your available education programs. If you don’t already have a seminar you can use our professionally produced generic video seminar and education program or our video team can produce a program specificallyfor you.

Education and Seminars

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