Business Communication

Secure Communication

With integrated communication tools, Influx MD keeps a complete history of lead and patient information where you need it.

One Page Profile

Everything you need to know about a lead presented in a simple, easy to read and navigate manner. Immediately see where in the sales process the lead is, history of all communication and pertinent notes from team members.

Email Integration

With built in email, now all of your online communication is in one place. There’s no lost email, confusion or forgotten communication. Everything together in one place where you need it.

Internal Notes

Leave reminder notes, action items, and requests for other team members to assist without leaving the lead profile page. It’s fast and convenient, saving you time and making sure each lead is handled appropriately.


Assign leads and tasks to other team members for completion. There is no need to send internal emails or walk down the hallway. Just make a request through Influx MD and you’ll be notified when the task is complete.

Capture Leads and Notes from your website

Using smart forms, Influx MD lets your customers communicate with you any way that they want. Email, internal messaging or web forms. Each time a form is used on your website, if the lead is already in the system, Influx MD will extract the note or message, add it to the lead communication history and notify you.

Text Messaging

Let Influx MD notify you of important events or send daily reminders using SMS. If you are out and about, SMS is a fast and convenient way to keep up with Influx activity and you’ll never miss an important lead or task again.

Insights and Analysis

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