More patients for your programs with less effort.

From the first contact through to helping your team provide great customer service to your patients, Influx MD helps you manage and optimize every aspect of your patient relationship. You’ll get more patients for your programs and satisfy more of your clients with excellent service to increase the lifetime value of each patient.



Streamline your existing lead workflow. Help your team work smarter and faster. Let automation of repetitive activities and process flow mapping shorten your lead to patient sales cycle. Learn More


Insights and Analysis

Dig deep into lead and patient data. Easily identify opportunities for additional sales or methods for process improvement. Build your own reports to view metrics that are important to your practice. Learn More



Never miss a lead. Automatically add leads into Influx MD from any web property. Simplify communication between your team members and your leads with a single intuitive interface for all email and internal communication. One location, one record, no confusion. Learn More



Ease the workload on your team and increase learning retention Influx MD adds a new dimension to your program’s intake process with integrated seminars and patient education programs. Each view is tracked and logged to ensure compliance. Learn More


"Companies that automate lead management
see a 10 percent or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months" ~ Gartner

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