How Influx Maps Work

As we discussed earlier, a Map is a series of tracks and steps that guide the lead from a starting point to a defined end-point. There can be many maps within influx each defining a different workflow to follow. A lead or patient can only be in one map at a time but can be changed from one map to another if necessary or can finish one map and immediately move into another one.

Just like a real map used in a journey, each step taken in the journey takes us closer to the end point. It is the same in an Influx map. As each step in a track is completed the track closes and the next track opens making more steps available. When all the tracks are completed the map closes and the lead’s journey is complete.

As a lead moves through a map, Influx follows progress and automatically applies business rules defined by an administrator. There are two types of automated actions within Influx. Triggers which are applied in response to an event occurring in the map and automations which are applied based on time.

Let’s look at automated business rules a little closer.

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