Using Lead Views

All views display standard information about a lead in the first four columns and then detail columns that can be customized by an administrator to show you only what you need to complete current tasks for that lead.

Quick Edit

A popular feature of views is quick edit which allows the agent to complete steps without opening the lead record. Let’s look at how this works.

Imagine you are working through a list of new leads. On the All New Leads view you dial the first phone number on the list and the lead answers.

  1. Position your mouse cursor over the lead’s name in the list and a Quick edit menu item appears to the left.
  2. Click the Quick edit menu item and the current steps for the lead appear below.
  3. When you complete a step it is automatically saved.

In the case of our imaginary scenario, the first step is “Spoke with lead on phone.” As this is now correct you can check the box and move to the next task of ensuring the lead has received the online seminar access email automatically sent out by Influx. If you complete this step also, the lead moves to the next track as all tasks in the first track are completed.

The lead will now disappear from the current view as she is no longer a new lead. You can now move to the next lead on the list.

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