Views are a convenient way to group leads for everyday workflow, but finding a specific lead becomes more difficult as the number of active leads grows.

Influx has a comprehensive search feature that helps you find leads fast. Let’s take a look at how search can be used.

  • Access the search page using the search icon () in the left sidebar.
  • You can search by name, phone, email or the influx id if you happen to know it.
  • You can also restrain the time parameter of the search by defining that you want results to be from any time, just yesterday, in the past week, past month or within the past year.

Search will return open and closed leads as well as successfully converted leads that Influx now classifies as patients. In the results leads have grey icons and patients have green icons to make it easy to differentiate.

Let’s try a quick search using the test lead.

  1. Leave the default settings of Name and Any time in the parameter area
  2. In the search box start typing “test” slowly
  3. When you reach “tes” the search results will populate with any lead or patient that includes “tes” anywhere in their first or last name.
  4. Each letter you type after the third one will refine the search further
  5. You can also type the full search name and hit enter to achieve the same result.

Once you have located the lead, clicking it will open the lead record.

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