Suspended Lead View

There are several reasons that tickets may be suspended by Influx:

Duplicate: Influx attempts to eliminate duplicate lead requests by comparing basic demographic information and flagging any that appear to have a lead record already. If the information is identical to an existing lead then the duplicate is flagged as a way of signaling that the lead is attempting to contact you again. This is useful information and generally warrants a quick phone call.

If the lead contacts through a website form and adds a message the contact will not be flagged as duplicate. Instead the message will be added to the lead history and you will be notified that a message has been received.

Sometimes a lead will contact using a different email or phone number. The lead will be placed in suspended status and you will be able to use the Merge popup to compare entries and either accept the changed information or ignore it.

Incomplete: The basic information required by Influx to consider a contact as a lead is a first name, last name and an email address. As an agent you will also want a phone number. If a lead is missing an email or a phone (it must have one or the other) the lead is flagged as incomplete. Incomplete leads can progress through maps but will only appear in the Suspended Lead view. As soon as the missing information is added to the lead record, the lead will be complete and will appear in appropriate views.

Keep in mind, that a lead without an email cannot receive any communication from Influx. All automations in the workflow are suspended until the lead information is complete.

Spam: Not every contact is a legitimate lead. Spam bots are prolific online and will target your forms any time they can. Influx attempts to foil spam bots with several security features and sends checks email addresses using a third party site that aggregates information about spammers. These methods are enough to avoid the worst of the automated spammers but they cannot stop people filling out forms on your site when they are not leads. Influx will flag form submissions that are likely spam giving you the opportunity to delete the contact or approve it as legitimate.

Form submissions that appear to be legitimate leads but prove to be spam can be deleted by an administrator.

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