Organizing & Finding Leads

The lead life-cycle can be quite long in medical practices. Even if referral and marketing lead generation are modest, the number of active leads you are managing in Influx can quickly become quite large. Organizing leads so that they are easily found is accomplished using views.

Views are customized groupings of leads used to help you manage workflow. Influx provides some pre-defined views that handle day-to-day management of leads. Administrators can create views specific to your practice workflow that can be used by all agents.

Views are accessed when you click the view icon () in the sidebar. Since views use lead properties known as conditions to organize leads, the same lead may appear in more than one view. Keep in mind that views are simply groupings of leads to help you stay organized. If an administrator deletes a view, it does not affect the leads that were included in it. All views except the suspended leads view can be edited by an administrator.

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