3. Engaging in Conversation

Communicating quickly and efficiently with your leads is of important for maintaining a smooth transition of leads through your conversion process. Influx facilitates this by allowing you to manage all communication through a single messaging center in the lead record. Lead messages are “delivered” to the lead history from several sources:

  • Emails
  • Remote form messages
  • Education center messages
  • Phone notes
  • Notes from other agents

Responding to these communications is simplified using the message center controls. Let’s look at a few examples of how this is done.

  1. Emails
  2. Agent Notes
  3. Education Center messages


As we discussed in the previous lesson, emails can be sent directly from the messaging center to a lead and copied to other agents.

Emails use a template that is set by your administrator. The template always includes your practice address and can optionally include an agent signature.

Be sure you know what is included in the email template so that you are not repeating information.


Notes are short messages that you place in the lead history for everyone to read. The lead does not see notes.

Education Center Messages

Leads that access videos through the education center can communicate using a text editor located beneath each video. Messages are added to the lead history with a distinctive purple icon. To reply to the lead, click the icon next to the lead history note. This will tell influx which of the video notes you are responding to in case there are a few of them.

Type your response and click Submit to send your answer to the lead’s video account.

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