5. Completing Steps

Each task that has to be performed as part of your lead process is called a step. Steps appear in a list to the left of the messaging center in the lead record as check boxes, lists or input fields. Some steps are required to be completed before moving to the next track and others may be optional. When all the required steps are completed, the current track will close and the next track in the sequence will open. An open track is represented by an orange arrow in the map graphic at the top of the lead record.

If all of the required steps are completed but there are optional steps, the next track in the sequence will turn green indicting that you can move forward when you are ready. If you do not intend to complete the optional steps, clicking on the green track with your mouse will close the current track and open the green one. Once a track is closed, you cannot go back and complete any of the remaining optional steps in that track.

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