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The Lead Record

A lead record is a single page containing all of the pertinent information about a lead. It contains the lead demographics, the lead map, and the lead history.Influx MD Lead Record

Lead Demographics: This is all of the information that you wish to collect about a lead. By default Influx provides system fields for basic demographic data like name, address, phone and email. For influx to differentiate between leads the minimum information required is name and phone number or name and email address. A lead is considered to be incomplete until the demographic information on a lead includes name address AND phone number. In the real world, unless Influx can communicate (email) and you can communicate (phone) with the lead, the chances of changing your lead to a patient is very low.

Along with the required demographic information, you can collect any other information that is important to your practice using custom fields. Referral, source, service requested, and type of insurance are common examples. Both the system and custom fields can be added to forms so you can have your leads provide the information you are interested in at various points along their journey.

Lead Map: The lead map defines the journey your lead will take to become a patient. It has starting and ending points with a list of tracks to follow and steps to be taken along the way. Normally and administrator would define a map for each of the main services you provide so different leads may have a different path to follow based on the requirements defined for a particular service.

At various points of the lead map, automations are attached so that Influx can help you perform some of the routine tasks. For example, when a lead initially contacts you about a particular service, Influx can send back a customized email with additional information about the service benefits as a way to further engage the lead in the process. At the same time Influx can notify the person in your practice designated to receive this type of lead and even sign the lead up for a series of education emails called a drip campaign to provide further value to the lead.

Lead History: Each action taken with a lead is recorded in the lead history. The history includes actions taken by the lead, the agent and influx itself. The history is a convenient place to view lead progress and keep everyone involved in working with leads up-to-date with everything that has occurred.

Let’s take a closer look at the lead record and what you can accomplish with it.

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