LEAD BASICS (1 of 3)

Lead Basics

A “lead” is the term applied to a person who has shown interest in your program and initiated contact either by phone, online, or in person. Converting a lead into a patient is the first step in the customer life-cycle and profitability of your practice depends on how well the conversion process is performed.

Influx channels

Regardless of the medical services that your practice provides, leads are motivated by the common need for you to help them solve a medical problem. The initial lead contact can come through one of several channels:

  • Contact forms on your website
  • Contact forms on other websites
  • Telephone (entered by agent)
  • Walk-in(entered by agent)

The first time contact is made, Influx creates a lead record. Once the lead exists within Influx, communication can continue using the channels of:

  • Email
  • Forms
  • Messaging through the Influx education portal
  • Telephone (entered by agent)

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