If you’re new to Influx and want a quick overview of what it’s all about, this getting started tutorial is for you. It is intended as a quick start guide for Agents and assumes that configuration of your Influx MD is being taken care of by a trained Administrator or by us.

To begin with, let’s become acquainted with the main roles people have when interacting with Influx.

  • Leads: People who are interested in your program and are willing to provide their contact information in order to learn more.
  • Agents: Your practice staff who engage in two-way communication with leads providing information to assist the lead in decisions.
  • Administrators: Practice managers responsible for ensuring efficient, effective workflow to convert leads to patients.

The Influx Role

Influx’s role is to help you manage the leads journey through a buying cycle from initial contact until they decide to become a patient and even throughout their time as a patient in your practice. Influx helps you do this in a variety of ways:

Guidance: Because your business processes are clearly defined in a series of maps, Influx is able to ensure everyone adheres to your process and provide resources explaining how each step should be performed.

Automated Actions: The most powerful and popular features of Influx is how it can automate a variety of tasks to save you time. The most commonly used actions are communication based but there are many automated tasks that influx can perform to ensure the lead’s journey is managed efficiently.

Reminders: With so many competing responsibilities in a normal workday, remembering the details and the next steps with dozens of leads is challenging. Influx stays up-to-date on all of your leads sending you reminders when critical points are reached and developing a daily to-do list for you so that nothing is missed.

Engagement: Routine communications with your leads is handled seamlessly by Influx. Personalized emails can be sent according to lead actions or lack of action. Video seminars, education and even additional marketing can be provided to leads in an interactive environment all managed by Influx without your involvement.

Insights: By tracking critical milestones in your lead and customer service processes, Influx can show you areas that may benefit from process improvement. Financially, improving patient flow is usually beneficial and has the additional benefit of reducing your frustrations by optimizing workflow in your office.

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