Using Macros to Streamline Workflow

Apply a macroA simple and effective way to streamline your workflow is to create macros for lead management that take care of responses such as simple emails to answer questions or notes for the lead history. This saves you the time and effort of crafting a separate response to each lead with similar questions and allows you to record your actions in the history without having to type anything.

Macros are created by an administrator as part of building workflows. Macros can respond to emails, write notes and set items in a to-do list. Macros can also be used to perform some administrative tasks called functions that allow agents to manage lead access to video and other assorted maintenance tasks.

Macro Types

Email: The most frequently used macro is the email macro. Leads frequently ask similar broad questions related to programs such as the type of insurance accepted, the cost of a specific therapy, or directions to your office. A prebuilt email response and appropriate use of placeholders allows the agent to respond instantly with little effort. The response can be further customized before sending if desired.

Note: Simple or complex note templates used to record such actions as phone conversations or attempts to contact a lead save time and ensure consistent record keeping for all agents.

To-Do/Alert: Macros can be used to set To-do items for frequently repeated tasks

Internal Message: Macros can automate contacting other team members with questions about leads.

Function: Some administrative tasks are made available to agents when administrators enable them as macros.