Managing Schedules

Almost every medical practice has a scheduling application so why have another one in InfluxMD?  The Influx schedule is not a replacement for your regular scheduling application. It is designed to help agents keep telephone meetings, one-on-one program information, and group information or education sessions organized.  Most practices do not schedule these initial sales meetings in their main scheduling software hence the need within Influx.

The benefits of scheduling with Influx.

An important part of the lead tracking process is ensuring that opportunities for lead engagement (meetings, phone calls, seminars, training, and education events) are followed through. To assist with this, Influx provides both agent and lead notification and reminder emails so no-shows are avoided.
Because these meetings or events are usually part of an intake process, a no show prevents a map from proceeding.  Influx can automatically attempt contact with a lead who has missed an appointment and reengage them so another time can be scheduled.

Scheduling in Influx is optional.  Dates can be recorded within the Influx workflow using regular date steps that are not linked to the schedule.

Parts of the Influx Schedule

Let’s begin by looking at the main parts of the Influx scheduler.

  1. Schedule Setup:  Where the agent registers his or her availability for meetings
  2. Schedule: Where scheduled meetings and events display
  3. Schedule steps: Where lead appointments are scheduled.

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