Adding Phone Leads to Influx MD

Influx MD is capable of integrating with third-party call tracking services to automatically read call data from leads using your tracking numbers.

This service is especially useful to reduce the time required to manually add phone leads, attribute the campaign source of specific leads for marketing ROI calculations and ensure all phone leads are appropriately managed within Influx MD.

When phone leads are activated within Influx, you will see a new view at the top of your views called Call Leads.

To open this view select it from the view menu.
You may note that this view is a little slower to open than other views as it will update from the third-party call tracking service prior to opening.
Influx will list all the relevant information about the lead provided by the call tracking service.

Name: Name registered in caller ID service – this is often innacurate
Call time: The time the call was made
Phone: The caller ID number. This is the number used to identify leads already in Influx.
City: The city the phone number is registered to


  • Add – add the call as a new lead
  • Delete - Remove the call from Influx entirely.  Usual action for solicitation or spam calls.
  • Merge – If the phone number exists within influx you have the option of merging the records.

Call Recordings: Influx provides you with access to the call recording captured by your tracking service and places the playback link within the lead record.  This means you can listen to messages left by your leads or review conversations without logging into your call tracking software. 

Influx does not download the call recording from your tracking provider. The recording and playback is a service provided for your convenience by your call tracking provider. Because Influx does not download the recording, HIPAA compliance for the sound file is managed by your call tracking provider.

Call Back Feature: If your tracking provider supports call back through its system, it can optionally be activated within Influx so that you can return the call using their call back feature. By default this feature is turned off in Influx. Please see your call tracking service for details of how their call back feature works and fees that may apply.

Managing a Tracked Call.

There are two main scenarios for managing tracked calls.

  1. Unanswered Calls
  2. Answered Calls

Unanswered Calls: these calls are generally received after hours or on weekends.  They will most likely contain a message recording.

To manage an unanswered call

  1. Select the Call Leads view from the View Menu
  2. Click on the name displayed in the Name column. The Call Detail dialog will open
  3. Review the details provided to determine if the call is a legitimate lead
  4. Review the call recording if available
  5. If activated, Click the optional Call back now button.
  6. If you determine that the call is a legitimate lead, click the Open button and the lead will open in the lead record as normal.
  7. If the lead is spam or a solicitation select the reason for deleting and the delete option will become available.
  8. If the lead exists in the system, you will have the additional option of merging this call with the existing record.
  9. Select the fields in the existing record and the new record that you wish to keep and click merge. The checked fields will be added or updated in the existing record

Answered Calls: these calls are generally received within work hours and are answered by an agent or other staff member.
The time it takes for your service to update call records will vary but it is normally before the call is ended if you answer it.

To manage an answered call

  1. While talking to the lead click on the call leads view or the refresh icon if you are already in this view.
  2. Because you will have already determined the legitimacy of the call, you may open immediately and update the lead record or merge depending on whether the lead is already in Influx.
  3. Continue to manage the lead as normal