Finding Leads with Search

While views are helpful for organizing leads into useful workflows, finding a specific leads in views can be cumbersome. That’s where lead search makes things much easier.

Accessing universal search tools

Search menu iconTo access Influx universal search, click the search icon in the left sidebar. This opens the advanced search page.

The default search is by lead name throughout the entire lead and patient database but you can also search by phone number, email, or lead ID if you have it

Setting search parameters

Leads records are indexed every few minutes to maximize search performance on large numbers of leads.

Lead search panelThe updated time stamp tells you when the last index was performed. This is important to you if you are searching for a lead that may have been entered less than five-minutes ago. Waiting for an index to update will ensure that the new leads are available.

As mentioned, a search can be by name, phone, email, or ID. Selecting the search parameter from the left panel will tell influx where to look.

You can also limit your results to a specific time frame using a time parameter. This can be helpful for limiting results on very broad searches.

Performing a search

Begin typing your search into the search box. Influx will return results once you hit the enter key or the click the search button

Influx search box

If you are familiar with using wildcards in searches there is no need to use them in Influx. Your search is automatically a wildcard search meaning that the letters you type can appear anywhere in the lead’s first or last name for a name search or in a phone number in a phone search.

For example, searches for:

Joh would return “john Smith,” “Michelle Johansson,” and Mary Johanne Simpson”

904 would return “(904) 323-1234,” ” (505) 904-1232,” and “(505) 123-9045”


Search results are returned in a simple view showing the main identifying information for each lead.

Influx search results

Results also return patient records. Patients are leads who have completed an intake map. Patients are identified by the patient icon [ ] on the left of the record.

Clicking in the lead name will open the lead record.