Introduction to the Influx Agent Dashboard

Last updated v1.3.3.6 on 8/15/2017

When you log into Influx you are taken to your dashboard. This page is designed to help you prioritize activity within Influx and present it in an easily navigated format. Clicking on any of the items that are displayed in the agent interface will take you to the relevant Lead record.

The agent dashboard interface is arranged in the following sections.

Side toolbar: The area down the left side of the interface, with navigation buttons to major features.

Top toolbar: The area along the top of the interface. At present it contains one major function button, the Add Phone Lead button

Side panel: listing of recent lead record updates. These include incoming emails and messages along with changes to your leads made by other agents or providers.

Main panels: listing of recent lead record updates. These include incoming emails and messages along with changes to your leads made by other agents or providers.dashboard-labeled


Sidebar icons are available on every Influx screen. They allow you to navigate to the major feature areas of Influx. The icons you see in the sidebar are controlled by your role and permissions.

Agent dashboard icon Dashboard: Opens the Agent dashboard
Views icon Views: Lists of leads organized to facilitate efficient workflow
Search icon Search: link to Universal search page
Report icon Reports: System and custom reports
Schedule icon Group Scheduling: Coming soon
Administration area icon Admin: opens the administration dashboard with access to available admin options

Side Panel

Update panel

To the right of the sidebar icons is the side panel. The contents of the sidebar change depending on which section of Influx you are in. On the agent dashboard the side panel contains the Update Panel.
Update Panel
The Update panel lists the latest changes to your assigned lead records.These updates include:

  1. New Assignments
  2. Messages
  3. Steps completed by other agents

Main Panels

The main panels are located in the large central panel. The content of the main panels changes depending on the section of Influx you are using. On the agent dashboard the main panels section contains four smaller sections. View Tabs, To-Do Panel, Alerts Panel, and the Search box.

On the dashboard, these panels are primarily for organizing your workflow in a way that is most efficient for you. Each panel provides direct access to the leads identified by Influx as requiring immediate attention and those that you have set tasks and reminders for.

Agent dashboard main panel

View tabs

Each of these tabs opens a view that looks at priority leads. The tabs are:

  • Unviewed Leads: New leads that have not been looked at by an agent
  • Suspended Leads: Leads with incomplete information or that may be spam
  • New Messages: Any messages that have been received since the lead was last viewed

To-Do Panel

As you might expect, the To-do panel displays a list of tasks that you have requested Influx to remind you about.

Alerts Panel

Influx notifies you of significant lead and system events in the Alert panel. These alerts are defined by Influx and the system administrator. Examples of alerts are bounced emails, unanswered messages, and un-worked leads.

Search Box

The search box provides a fast way to perform a name search for leads and patients in Influx. Advanced search options are available from the Universal search page accessed through the search icon.