Adding leads to Influx MD

Leads typically enter Influx through one of two channels:


Website forms A remote form on a website or any web property that you control. Leads fill out the forms and are automatically entered into Influx.

Administrators can construct remote form using the form builder. These forms are distributed by pasting a short code snippet into the web page where you wish the form to display.

Once the form is on a web page, all submissions through the form are registered into Influx. There are no limits to the number of forms that can be created or the addresses of the sites where forms can be placed.


Telephone calls or walk-ins are entered by the agent using the short-form available from all of the Agent screens. The form is accessed by clicking the Add Phone Lead button located in the top toolbar.

A lead must have either a phone number or an email to be entered into Influx. If only one of these is available, the lead will be suspended as incomplete until the remaining contact field is completed.

Telephone lead form

Once the lead is added it immediately becomes available to access through the views panel.

To add a lead:

To add a lead:

  1. Click on add phone lead in the top toolbar to open the Add New Lead dialog
  2. Select the map you wish to assign to the lead
  3. Complete the first, name, last name, phone, and email fields.
  4. Click the save button to add the lead and close the dialog.