Accessing leads with views

As you know from the getting started tutorial, views are a way to group leads based on certain criteria. Views can help you determine which leads need attention according to your workflow.

Administrators can build views according to the needs of your practice. Influx includes several commonly used views to get you started. All of these default views can be modified by Influx administrators.

The view Interface looks like this.

Influx Views Interface

A list of views is displayed in the views panel. This list contains both system views and custom views. To the right of each view in the list is a count of the number of leads in that view.

By clicking on the view in the view pane, the leads contained in that view display in the area to the right of the views panel.

To access views:

  1. Click on views in the side toolbar to open the views list
  2. Click the title of the view you wish to open
  3. The view will display leads in the main panel.
  4. Click the name of any lead in the list to display the lead record.