Influx MD Agent Tutorial

Making your life easier as an Influx agent.

Welcome to our Agent tutorial for the Influx Marketing Dashboard Software

In this tutorial you will learn the key elements of working with Influx as an Agent.

The Agent Dashboard: Designed to help you prioritize activity within Influx and present it in an easily navigated format, the dashboard is your command center for staying up to the minute on critical tasks.

Adding leads Managing manual entry of leads into Influx

Accessing Leads with Views: Stay organized with customizable views to group leads the way you need to see them.

Lead Search: Find leads within Influx, using the advanced search page.

Suspended Leads: Managing duplicates, spam, and incomplete leads.

The lead record interface: All the information you need about a lead presented in the intuitive lead record interface.

Using Macros: Speed up repetitive tasks with macros for emails, notes, and reminders.

Quick Edit :Use the quick edit feature for step updates without having to open the lead record.

Scheduler Overview: Get to know the helpful features of the Influx Meeting and Event Scheduler.

Schedule Setup: How to manage your personal schedule for one-on-one meetings, Phone meetings and facilitating seminars, education meetings and events.

Scheduling Leads: Step by step management for putting leads into your schedule.

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