Workflow Maps

Maps are the top level container for everything that occurs in a workflow. A map takes you from a starting point to an end point just like a real world map would do. In our case, a map normally starts with an initial contact and ends with the lead becoming a patient and transferring to your electronic medical record (EMR) or the patient may stay in Influx as you create additional value through education programs, marketing additional services or solicit referrals.

Influx allows any number of maps that you require to efficiently process your leads. The number of maps you use will normally depend on the differences that exists between various services you provide. For example; if your clinic offers three types of bariatric surgery as well as a medical weight loss program you might begin by planning for four maps. In reality, when you start looking at the process you use for managing your leads you will probably conclude that all of the surgical leads are managed the same way and the only difference is how you manage medical weight loss. In that case you will end up with just two maps.

Patients enter your maps by completing forms on a website or being added by an agent during a phone conversation (see creating and distributing forms).

Influx MD maps

Administrators enter map information in just a couple of fields. The following table describes the options for each map.

Map name Unique name for your map. Make it easy to identify and short.
Map color Select a unique color to use for your map.

Once the map is created automation options become available, We will discuss these workflow automations in greater detail when we put together our first map.

To add a map:

  1. Click the admin icon in the sidebar
  2. Click Map under Workflow
  3. Enter a unique name for your map
  4. Select a map color.
  5. Click Save