Setting up custom fields

Typically, when leads submit their contact information through a website they submit standard demographic information such as name, email, phone number and perhaps their address. These fields are called system fields and are available as soon as you start using Influx. However, there may be times when you wish to gather additional demographic information and this is when you would use custom fields.

Custom fields can be used in forms, in the lead record and are available in reports when added as a report field definition

You can create the following types of custom fields:

Text This is a simple single line text input.
Drop-down list: This field allows you to create a list of options for users to select. Each option in the custom field is a combination of a value and an option.
Multi-line text This is a multiple line text input.
Numeric This is for simple numeric input (no decimals).
Checkbox This is used to capture one or several values.
Radio button This is used to capture a single value from at least two options. The most common example is a yes/no selection
Date Custom date fields allow agents and end-users to select a date from a date picker. Users can choose the current date or any date in the past or future.
Regular expression
Hidden This is an advanced field that allows a field with a value to be added to a form hidden from end-users. This is helpful when there is a need to pass an id or fixed value between pages.

The following table describes the input requirements for each field.

Field name Unique identifying name for the field
Field description Explains what data is expected to be entered into the field
Required If the field is used on a form, designates that the default is for the field to be required.
Max length Maximum length of the data input (text, multi-line)
Options Option and value combinations. (drop-down list, checkbox, radio button)
Value: value of selection stored in database
Option: Selection option seen by end-user
Min value Smallest integer that can be added (numeric)
Max value Largest integer that can be added (numeric)
Expression The regular expression used to create an input mask for the field (regular expression)