Setting up your Influx account


Once you have access to your influx account, the fun begins. As you work through the process of setting you Influx keep these three major goals in mind.

The goal of Influx is to:

  1. Increase revenue by increasing lead conversion
  2. Reduce agent workload through streamlined workflow
  3. Reduce costs by producing actionable intelligence.

Framing the decisions you make during setup to support one of these goals will improve your results.

Setup Process

To setup influx we follow these steps:

  1. Configure account settings
  2. Configure account email
  3. Setup Influx preferences
  4. Setting up program videos
  5. Create business workflow maps
  6. Create automations and triggers
  7. Setup macros
  8. Setup custom fields
  9. Create and distribute forms
  10. Design agent views

Getting Started

Configure account settings

Account settings defines the primary physical location of your practice. Account settings are used in email footers to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.

Configure account email

Each Influx account uses a dedicated email mailbox to manage incoming and outgoing communication with leads and patients. Influx can use any email account as long as it is only accessed through Influx and not directly through an external email application. The email should also support SSL encryption to ensure privacy.

Setup Influx option

Administrators can define many of the ways that influx manages communication and displays various data. The preferences section is used to configure formatting and other options for the lead record display along with security and other system options.

Setting up program videos

If you intend to have Influx manage end-user education or seminars, video identifiers and other details must be added into the video pages so that your videos can be added to video tracks as steps.

Create business workflow maps

Workflow maps define the tasks to be completed as the lead progresses toward becoming a patient. Setting up your workflow is a critical step that requires a systematic approach to define and streamline workflows so that common mistakes are avoided.

Create automations and triggers

Automating actions that Influx performs as part of your workflow is another important task. A systematic approach to triggers and automations can save your team large amounts of time and ensure leads are processed quickly and efficiently.

Setup macros

Macros are another time saver for you team. Taking commonly performed tasks and converting them into an action performed with a single mouse click can further streamline agent workflow and ensure consistent handling of leads.

Setup custom fields

Custom fields allow you to collect information from your leads beyond basic demographics. These fields can be incorporated into forms or the lead record to capture reportable data.

Create and distribute forms

Allowing leads to enter as much information about themselves as possible reduces the time agents spend collecting this data. Influx forms can be added to any online location using a short Java script code generated in the form builder.

Design agent views

Helping agents manage the flow of leads is achieved using views. Views are fully customizable so that the most useful way of looking at your leads can be created for your agents.