Configure Account Email

Influx requires a dedicated email address to use for all inbound and outbound communication with leads and agents.

The email can have any name but it is preferable to not use common email addresses such as contact, support, info etc. as these are common targets for spammers.

Influx directly accesses and manages email using IMAP and SMTP. The settings that are required to configure the Influx email are the same as would be used for any secure email client. These settings are available from the email provider you are using. The fastest way to access these settings is to go to your email provider’s help files and search for IMAP and SMTP settings.

IMAP is sometimes referred to as incoming mail and SMTP is outgoing mail. Another type of incoming mail is called POP or POP3. Influx uses IMAP instead of POP so make sure you are using this distinction when getting your server settings.

Influx monitors the dedicated email address for incoming and outgoing mail. It is important that the email account not be accessed directly through another email client or Influx may miss emails.

The following fields should be completed to setup Influx mail.

Default Email The dedicated email assigned to Influx
Outgoing mail server Address of SMTP server
SMTP user name SMTP user name for your dedicated email
SMTP password Password to access your dedicated email
SMTP port Port to use for SMTP email. Port is specific to the type of security (SSL) you use. The default ports are generally not secure.
Incoming mail server Address of IMAP server
IMAP port Port to use for IMAP email. Port is specific to the type of security (SSL) you use.
Email security Type of encryption and authentication to use for secure communication (SSL / TLS)
Personalized email replies Allows emails to use agent signature
Email Templates HTML and plain text templates to format outgoing emails. This template is used as a default for emails that do not have another template assigned to them.

Port assignments usually default to non-secured ports such as POP 110 and SMTP 25. These are not the ports to use for Influx. Your email server will be configured with specific secure ports for your encrypted traffic.
Here are the commonly configured ports you can try:

  • IMAP (incoming): 993
  • SMTP (outgoing implicit) SSL: 465
  • SMTP (outgoing – explicit) TLS: 587

Keeping Emails Secure

Ensuring that only the intended recipient has access to your emails is achieved using encryption and authentication protocols. By default Influx uses implicit SSL to send email.

Unfortunately, Influx only has control over one side of any communication and so can only guarantee security if the sending or receiving email is also configured to use a secure connection. For this reason you must assume that no email communication is secured and in compliance with HIPAA and so no protected health information (PHI) should be solicited through email

Protected health information usually does not include identifying information alone such as name, address, email and phone number because this information is generally available through white pages. However, if the information being solicited is related to medical and mental health conditions, care being provided or payment provisions for healthcare, this information is usually PHI and should not be sent by email.

(See Alternative methods for receiving HIPAA PHI data. ).