Configure account settings

Your account is simply the contact information for your medical practice or organization. It is a collection of agents that share a single physical address. To comply with various state and federal regulations such as CAN-SPAM, your practice address appears at the bottom of every email that you send.

If you have multiple locations and are using the enterprise version of Influx see: Configuring multiple locations. If you are using a standard version of Influx which supports only one location, use your primary address. You can create a custom location field to provide some of the location reports available in the enterprise version.

The following fields should be completed for your medical practice.

Practice Name The name of your medical practice that end-users will recognize
Website Your primary website address
Address Physical street address
City City where your medical practice is located
State State where your medical practice is located
Zip Zip-code where your medical practice is located
Phone The main contact number for your medical practice
Time Zone Time zone for your primary location

To Update account Information:

  1. Click the admin icon in the sidebar
  2. Click Account under Settings
  3. Add or update information in the form.
  4. Click Save

Configuring for multiple locations

Influx Enterprise Version Only

The Enterprise version of Influx supports multiple locations for a medical practice. When this option is used, leads are assigned to the location that is most convenient for them. All information collected on a lead is contained within that location and each location can be kept entirely separate from other locations if required.

Agents too can be allocated to one or more locations. Agents will only see leads that are assigned to the same location that they are a member of or new leads that have not yet been assigned a location.

When configuring for multiple locations, each location must have a separate physical address. The phone number can be shared across each location or it can can be different depending on your preferences.

If a location is not set for an agent, the primary location is used.

Administrators are automatically members of all locations.