Meeting the Marketing Needs of Your Medical Practice

How we can help you improve your marketing results and increase revenue for your medical practice.

Why Influx MD can help:

  • Influx MD will increase the number of contacts that become patients
  • Influx MD will save your marketing dollars (so you can use it to get more patients)
  • Influx MD will help your staff work more efficiently and still maintain high quality
  • Influx MD will save time for your staff by performing dozens of repetitive tasks.
  • Influx MD shows you the effectiveness of your marketing team and your return on investment.

We have a program that can help you reach your business goals

  • If you have a great marketing team, a steady flow of leads, and great staff managing them Influx MD can show you how to enhance every part of your process to generate more revenue. You can be up and running with Influx MD in just a few hours. Well provide you with support and guidance while your team decides how best to track leads and improve processes.
  • If you have a great marketing team, a steady flow of leads, but your staff are inexperienced at converting your leads to patients, Influx MD can help keep your staff on track and educate them on industry best practices. Well provide you with support and guidance on how best to track leads and improve processes by providing a dedicated coach and system administrator.
  • If your marketing is weak and your staff could use some help, then the Influx MD team has the expertise to get your practice marketing and conversions up and running. We’ll work on your marketing strategy and give your marketing group instructions on how to make your website work better – or we can do the website and marketing work for you. We’ll also work with your staff to provide ongoing coaching on how to manage leads and close sales for you.  

How to get started

Influx MD is a serious marketing product that can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your medical practice. So if you are serious about improving conversions and increasing revenue for your medical practice, get in touch with one of our team for a discussion of how Influx MD can help.

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