Use Influx to perform complex repetitive tasks within your sales pipeline.

Using triggered or timed events, Influx can automatically perform many of the tasks that take your team away from more significant lead and patient care activities. Set conditions and let Influx modify next steps based on lead responses. Your leads will move through sales funnels faster and show greater satisfaction with your intake process. Influx can perform most of the housekeeping tasks leaving your team to take meetings or phone calls.

Respond with Event Triggers

Respond with Event Automations

Respond to your leads with the right content at exactly the right time using event triggers within the sales funnel.

Send emails, texts, move leads forward or backward in the funnel, leave notes for other agents; in fact, almost anything your sales team can do, Influx can automate with a trigger.

Influx triggers recognize dozens of events such as reading email, clicking links, completing a survey or questionnaire, or simply arriving at a predefined stage in the sales funnel. With triggers, your team can spend more time working with sales-ready leads while Influx manages the rest automatically.

Respond with Timed Automations

Recognize and react to lead, or agent inactivity in the sales funnel with timed automations.

Set a reminder, email, or text to keep things moving in your sales funnel. No more leads lost through inactivity. Influx notifies you or the lead about delays and keeps channels open for better communication and satisfaction.

Timed Triggers

Macro Automations

Respond with Macro Automations

Tired of writing the same text, email, or note time after time?

Memorize actions in the lead record communication center whatever is in the lead communication center and create a macro you can use over and over. Macros can perform almost any task that an agent can perform. What’s more, you can chain multiple actions into a single macro and perform several tasks at the same time.