Use Automated Medical Lead Nurturing to increase lead conversion 50% and decrease costs 33%

Don’t let leads slip through the cracks because they are not yet sales ready. Influx manages complex nurturing programs for the two-thirds of leads who won't commit on their first contact. Develop engaging and useful content to deepen relationships and keep your brand top of mind until the lead is ready to move forward.

With long-term nurturing, influx automatically maintains contact with leads for two-years or more. When the lead is prepared to move forward, you already have a relationship.

Reduce Buying Cycle Duration

Reduce Buying Cycle Duration

Use nurturing to speed buyers through the sales funnel.

Nurturing decreases cycle time by up to twenty-three percent. Matching content to the buyer cycle stage of the lead gives them precisely what they need when they need it. Make the intake process smoother; there is less confusion and leads enter your practice with higher levels of satisfaction.

Nurture Existing Patients.

Recognize latent demand and nurture it until sales-ready.

The sales cycle does not always end when leads become patients. Up-selling, cross-selling, and maintaining patient satisfaction for the duration of your relationship are part of the patient life cycle. Use Influx nurturing to maintain the relationships that increase sales and satisfaction with minimal effort.

Let influx craft ongoing communication with patients based on interests and behavior. You'll see more engagement and learn more about patients to use as you add services and opportunities for your patients.

Nurture Patients

Content Marketing

Integrate Nurturing with Content Marketing

Improve marketing ROI and patient outcomes with ongoing communication.

Circulate original content, testimonials, and education materials to promote discussion and ongoing engagement. Generate ideas and opportunities with surveys and questionnaires.

Use continual nurturing to create the kind of buzz that maintains position in search results while ensuring your leads and patients learn about your medical practices and the services you provide.