Manage live seminars, one-on-one sales meetings, and telephone information sessions with an online event scheduler.

Increase turnout to both live and virtual events with notification and reminder texts or emails.

Let Influx manage everything from lead self-scheduling to notifications and reminders. Include seminars or education programs in intake workflows and track attendance to ensure all of your leads are fully aware of all aspects of their care.

Drag and Drop Schedule Development

Powerful Drag and Drop Schedule Development

Easily build agent meeting time-slots and make them available to your team to immediately schedule leads for one-on-one sales meetings or information phone calls.

Organize your service agents within Influx MD by creating a day, week and month schedules of availability to avoid conflicts and allow your team to coordinate intake meetings efficiently.

Agent Scheduling Made Easy

Segment agent time into blocks for lead phone calls, one-on-one information sessions, group meetings, and education sessions.

Use collaborative scheduling to book lead meetings for any agent as part of the intake workflow. Eliminate waiting for leads to get appointments and reduce the risk of losing the lead to competitors.

Offer free information sessions or one on one recruitment meetings to leads as a tool for increasing lead conversion. Use Influx’s built-in scheduling system with self-scheduling, notifications, and reminders without cluttering your EMR or practice scheduling software with non-patients.

Event Scheduling

EMR Integration

Integrate with Practice Scheduling Software

Use the CareBridge™ integration engine to securely share information between your electronic health record or scheduling software and Influx MD at a fraction of the cost for standard EHR integrations.

Integrate Influx with any EMR or scheduler providing a public or private API. Share patient demographic information and maintain data synchronization between systems to ensure both have the most accurate contact information available.

Use Influx to trigger appointment notifications or follow ups based on activity within your practice scheduler.