Consolidate listings on local directories and medical networks with Influx. Distribute doctor profiles and facility listings across Google, Yelp, Vitals,, and more than 100 major multi-category sites.

Deliver a consistent and current brand message across all major directories with complete content control and duplicate suppression.

Influx provides a single point within which to update information and disseminate it across a vast network of directories and social sites.

Improve SEO

Coordinate Brand Messaging and Improve SEO

Use Influx as a central hub for updating and ensuring the accuracy of your online branding across over 100 leading digital services, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yelp.

Allow Influx to coordinate photos, logos, provider bios, products and services in top-level digital services to improve your business listings in global and local search.

Improve search engine listings in major search engines based on brand consistency across all online properties.

Client Review Monitoring

Know Where You Stand with Your Customers in real-time.

Monitor online reviews and aggregate them into a single interface. Find new ways to improve patient experiences with your practice. Influx integrates with multiple tools like Reviews Insights, Competitive Intelligence, and Sentiment Analysis to ensure your online reputation is always at its best.

 Review Monitoring


Invite Reviews from Satisfied Clients

Increase review density in significant online sites using Influx MD review solicitation.

In the age of online reviews, giving customers an opportunity to sing your praises or vent their frustrations in the privacy of a survey is preferable to having them go online and record a complaint before you have the opportunity to respond and correct it.

Let Influx solicit satisfaction information from patients and identify appropriate candidates for testimonial or review requests.