Load blogs, testimonials, education, and promotional content and distribute it to multiple engagement channels simultaneously.

Distribute the content to your website and promote with newsletters and content summaries on social media as you develop it.

Don’t have time to write blogs? Use Influx’s library of shared content for newsletters or select an original blog creation plan for website distribution.

Clinic Link

Clinic Link™ Lead Engagement Platform

Increase patient recruitment and improve outcomes for your practice with a marketing platform dedicated to lead engagement.

Use Clinic Link to deliver video education, provide educational resources, and communicate using secure forms and protected messaging.

Influx MD’s Clinic Link encourages leads to fully participate in the intake process providing a central location for everything required for leads to learn as they complete the intake tasks.

Content Distribution Scheduling

Share content according to your content marketing schedule.

Influx schedules and coordinates release to a variety of content channels so your team can load content in advance and let Influx distribute it whenever you want.

Finely tune content delivery with email notifications and marketing promotions for a fully integrated content marketing experience.

Content Scheduling

Content Creation

Inbound Marketing Content Creation

Power your inbound marketing with unique content created by professional writers from our marketplace.

Influx makes ordering and adding unique content to blogs and circulating through social media and email straight forward for clinicians lacking time to create inbound marketing content.