Integrate video seminars and education into your sales pipeline to engage leads and keep them moving through your intake process without delays.

Influx MD provides a complete online education platform. Your video is delivered using a high availability top-tier content delivery network. From integration into your intake workflow, lead and patient access, self-scoring quizzes and detailed engagement tracking, Influx manages every aspect of video delivery.

Greater Seminar Capacity

Greater Seminar Capacity, Engagement, and Conversion

Remove barriers created by resource scheduling or seating capacity by offering seminars and education conveniently available when and where your client decides.

Immediately increase medical seminar and education program throughput while capturing a full engagement picture and documenting each lead or patient touchpoint.

Lower Costs for Delivering Repetitive Information

Use video to lower intake costs in specialties that rely on seminars to attract new leads.

Carefully designed video seminars for medical programs are more accessible and extremely useful for motivating leads to continue with program intake.

Increase education effectiveness with prescriptive teaching programs delivered before clinic visits. You’ll see higher customer satisfaction and improved learning and retention in your clients.

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Video Nurturing

Reduce Pipeline and Program Drop-Out

Let crafted medical nurturing programs increase lead conversion and reduce drop out within the intake pipeline.

Create additional engagement and return business with fully managed promotional video programs. Influx MD takes care of every detail for extended retention programs.