No two medical practices handle leads in the same way. That’s why you need a sales pipeline that adapts to how you do business and doesn’t try to force your team to conform to generic workflows.

Influx supports an unlimited number of custom pipelines that exactly mirror your existing sales flows and how your team already work. Not only can you edit or add stages in your pipelines as part of a sales optimization process, but you can also customize elements of flow for each lead depending on lead properties.

Sales Process in Real Time

Watch Your Sales Process in Real Time

Create powerful views of each pipeline to visualize different aspects of each pipe.

Rich filtering options give you complete control of what leads you can see and when. Manage multiple pipelines with ease using combined views based on any core or custom parameter you wish.

Manage Each Stage of the Pipeline

Use customized views and alerts to surface leads requiring agent interaction when it’s needed.

Streamline communications using the single page lead record for complete access to everything related to the lead, or complete tasks directly from each view.

Manage Pipeline

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Analyze Each Pipe for Improvement Opportunities

Let Influx show you areas of potential concern within your pipeline.

Select benchmark activities and have Influx review performance over time and among your team members. Identify and use performance superstars on your team to help you modify processes and standardize actions taken by all team members to maximize lead conversion.

Set alerts to warn you when key performance Indicators drop below an accepted threshold so you can intervene quickly.