Manage complex intake paths regardless of duration. You’ll know where every lead is and never let another lead drop through the cracks.

From the first contact to becoming a patient and beyond, Influx MD maintains close contact with your leads no matter how long the intake process takes. Monitor each lead at every point in the sales pipeline and engage them with the right materials at the right time. With Influx, you can quickly identify pipeline issues such as choke points or leaks and implement testable solutions to optimize workflow.

Cusom Pipeline

Custom Pipelines for Faster Implementation

Create a sales pipeline that fits your organization.

Each sale or intake workflow is modifiable to exactly match existing flows and reduce implementation challenges for your staff. Your team will be working confidently in InfluxMD after a single one-hour training.

Referral Source Attribution

Connect each lead with a referral source, so you always know the marketing strategies that generate results.

Customize your pipeline to handle leads from specific sources differently than others. Build a complete picture of your entire marketing strategy and move away from meaningless success metrics. You’ll build a 360-degree view of referral sources that result in patients not just leads.

Source Attribution

Pipeline Optimization<

Pipeline Optimization

Use benchmarking and real-time reporting to monitor pain points for your leads and staff.

Implement alternative strategies and monitor results against your benchmarks to find solutions that improve flow and increase conversions.

Use process visualization to inspect existing workflows and find opportunities for improvement. You’ll help your team boost productivity without increasing stress.