Improve campaign effectiveness and boost return on Investment with campaign management from influx MD.

With Influx MD, you can plan, monitor, and measure multichannel marketing campaigns and their outcomes. Influx MD creates a vital link between medical marketing expenditure and activity within your sales pipeline. Regardless of the marketing channel, Influx records results using metrics that matter to your bottom line - lead acquisition and patient conversion.

 Analysis on Any Channel

Immediate Analysis on Any Channel

Track lead acquisition from any online or offline channel. Influx uses a variety of tracking tools to identify the campaign source of each lead received.

Whether your campaigns are billboards, tv, and radio, mailers, or digital, you’ll have real-time results of contacts and conversions to make metrics-based course adjustments to salvage sinking campaigns, divert additional funds to strong performers, or identify and abandon failed campaigns early.

Accurately Track Campaign Expenditure

Simultaneously monitor the daily expenditure on multiple campaigns and accurately calculate the cost per acquisition and conversion.

Analyze your costs at both the campaign level and across all campaigns to keep track of conversion ROI. Quickly identify campaigns with better than average ROI and divert additional budget to support them.

Track Campaign Expenditure

Campaign Performance

Goals and Alerts for Campaign Performance

Use Influx Alerts to monitor all campaign goals and notify you when campaigns fall short of expectations.

Set and monitor micro-conversions as benchmarks and let Influx follow every stage of your sales pipeline. You’ll identify issues quickly and save time and money with early intervention.