Influx MD dashboards provide an intuitive interface for Agents to recognize and access essential lead-related tasks each day.

In a busy medical practice where each person is responsible for a variety of important duties, it can be challenging to keep up with lead-related tasks. Agent dashboards help your team organize and prioritize their lead responsibilities according to a structured workflow and lead scoring.

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Attend To The Most Important Tasks First

Let Influx surface tasks most likely to lead high scoring contacts to convert.

Influx uses lead scoring and grading to keep high priority leads at the top of task lists and email requests while less engaged leads stay further down in your lists.

Use daily task lists to organize your workflow. Influx always prioritizes tasks according to your preferences and lead priority to keep the most critical tasks visible to you.

Keep Incoming emails and messages in one place

Aggregate new messages from lead emails, texts, and forms in one place.

Act immediately or store the messages for later, it’s your choice. You’ll never miss or accidentally delete a message again

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Schedule Management

Stay On Top of Your Schedule

Keep your schedule front and center with task and appointment reminders.

Set reminders for meetings, phone calls, task completion and follow up. Just by working through the schedule you’ll stay on track with priority tasks and complete vital actions in a fraction of the time.

With system alerts, Influx informs you of situations that may need immediate attention. System alerts allow you to correct bad emails addresses and neglected maintenance tasks immediately and avoid additional problems.