The Benefits of HIPAA Compliant Online Forms.

Learn from your leads and reduce your team's data input time with contact, registration, survey, quiz and profile forms protected by HIPAA compliant secure servers.

Here's what secure forms means to you.

Hipaa Compliant

HIPAA Compliance Reduces Risk

Ensuring lead and patient data is kept away from prying eyes is important for your practice as a legal requirement with expensive consequences for lapses. BAA, HIPAA complaint servers, secure transport layers, data encryption, intrusion detection and a host of other threat defenses makes sure your data is available only by those authorized to see it.

Increases Confidence for Sharing Information

Gaining lead confidence means willingness to share additional information with you. The more information that Influx MD has to analyze, the more accurate its lead targeting can be for smart mail marketing and the more likely you are to reengage leads that are otherwise lost.

No PDF Downloads

Eliminates PDF creation and downloads

No more complicated PDF creation, emailing or downloading of forms. With over 90 demographic and insurance authorization fields available, getting the information you need is easier than ever before. What's more, Influx will remind your leads to complete non-medical intake information with timed emails until it is done meaning less frustration for your team.


Easily Create Surveys to Answer Specific Marketing Questions

Want to know if leads prefer email or phone messages, seminars in the morning or evening or articles about recipes or exercise? Simply add a single question survey to your emails and find out. Not only do you get aggregate data to help you make decisions, but the individual answers add to the lead profile so Influx can target specific preferences.

Easier Forms

Easier for Leads and Patients to Provide Information to You

Great customer care means making things easier for your customers. Removing barriers by providing convenience to complete forms online adds to the perception that your practice values their time and cares about their convenience. For leads that have trouble using technology, you can just schedule a phone meeting to complete the form with them.


Immediately Corrected or Changed when Necessary

Forgot to add a field or decided you no longer need some information? Changing an online form takes only seconds and the new form is immediately available to leads and agents.

Immediately Available

Data is Immediately Available to your Team

No more waiting for faxes or leads to hand over completed profile forms at appointment time. The instant the form is completed your team is notified and they can get started on insurance verification or pre-authorization. Down the road if something changes, you can have the lead update it saving your team time and effort.

Accurate Responses

Responses are More Accurate

Secure online forms put an end to incomplete, illegible and inaccurate form submissions. Dropdowns, checkbox options and input validation ensures that the information you receive is what you need.

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