The benefits of lead management software.

From campaign to conversion and beyond, Influx Marketing Dashboard provides a 360 degree view of your entire lead acquisition investment.

Here's what Influx medical lead management can do for you.

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue by winning more patients

Influx is built by medical marketing experts specifically to help you enroll more patients into your practice. There’s no need to change how you handle your leads when implementing Influx MD. With its powerful process engine, Influx can recreate your intake process no matter how simple or complex it may be. Once your existing process is mapped, you can start looking at performance metrics to see where the process can be improved.

Lost Leads

Eliminate "lost leads"

No matter how many leads your team has to manage, Influx remembers everything. Automated tasks, scheduling, reminders and alerts keep your team aware of what needs to be done and when, while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Integrated Budgeting

Campaign integration and budgeting

Use standard online tracking features to link each lead with a campaign and track your investment from contact to conversion. Identify the campaigns that work and those that don't so you can quickly reallocate budget to optimize profitability.

Lead Referrals

Increase lead referrals from satisfied patients

Satisfied patients refer family and friends to your practice. But keeping a customer satisfied is more than just offering excellent medical care. Influx helps you develop a customer focused support process that turns patients into advocates for your practice.

Lead Prioritization

Prioritizes high value leads for better use of staff time

Not everyone who contacts your practice is ready to commit to a program. Influx MD analyzes each lead and calculates where in the buying cycle they are. Using a simple heat rating in combination with an engagement score, it can accurately predict for your team the leads that are most likely to be ready to convert. This helps your team focus efforts where they are most likely to get results.

Sales Funnel

Identifies and helps correct sales funnel issues

Sales funnels in medical practices often develop organically as a result of team member priorities and task conflicts. Influx quickly identifies the issues that obstruct or delay conversion so that simple adjustments can have a dramatic effect on revenue.

Financial Forecasting

Enables better financial forecasting for marketing

Use current acquisition and conversion rates to accurately forecast budget requirements for the next financial period. Combine performance data with campaign metrics and you will know exactly where the best opportunities are and how to optimize your marketing spend.

Marketing Strategies

Shows you the marketing strategies that work and those that don't

Identifying marketing strategies that don't work is easily as important as identifying those that do. Generating leads from one campaign that don't turn into patients means that budget is better spent in areas where leads actually become patients,

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