The benefits of event scheduling.

Live seminars, one-on-one sales meetings, and telephone information sessions all run smoother when managed through an online event scheduler.

Here's why.

Missed Appointments

Fewer no-shows and missed appointments

Notifications, confirmations, reminders, and self-service event scheduling combine to keep all parties clear on appointment times and dates meaning fewer no-shows and missed appointments.

time management

Better staff time management

With so many things to do, it's hardly surprising that team members find it difficult to follow up on lead contacts and information phone calls.  Too often these critical sales tasks fall by the wayside as other more pressing issues take priority. Scheduling lead follow up calls and meetings with Influx coordinating reminders makes it difficult for staff and leads to forget. Less time wasted and better time management means essential tasks are completed for your practice.

Communication Efficiency

Improved efficiency and communication

Now all of the schedules for sales and lead management tasks are available in one place so that everyone has access when they need it.


Allows collaborative scheduling

Make it easy to schedule agent meetings with collaborative scheduling features. Any agent can schedule for any other agent by simply selecting the next available appointment or searching for a specific time to see which agent is open to meet with a lead or talk on the phone.

Self Scheduling

Facilitates self-scheduling to reduce staff interruptions

Let your leads and patients manage their own event schedules quickly, easily, and without taking up any of your time. Using Clinic Link ™, your clients can sign up for events, change the number attending, adjust times and make cancellations as they need to.


Integrates with workflows for additional convenience

Make scheduling a meeting, phone call or seminar part of the intake workflow. Agents can access schedules and availability right from the lead record without having to switch applications or get back to the lead with availability at a later time.


Improves client satisfaction with always available scheduling

Do you schedule phone consults, group seminars, education sessions, or free consults? Influx takes care of your follow up and reminders to ensure your leads don’t forget their commitments to you.

Staff Interruptions

Meaningful Reports

Dive deep into scheduling data to evaluate benchmarks, observe agent performance and monitor attendance, retention and returns. Analyze trends and use the information to adjust workflow and marketing plans.

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