The benefits of smart email marketing

Influx Marketing Dashboard delivers a level of targeting, personalization, and customization unmatched by other medical email marketing systems.

Here's what Smart Mail can do for your medical practice.

Brand Awareness

Increases Brand Awareness

In marketing, "top of mind awareness" is an invaluable tool especially useful in long sales cycle like that of many elective surgeries.  Delivering useful information that leads want to receive, keeps your brand top of mind and increases the likelihood that they will select you when they are ready to convert.


Measurable Return on Investment

How effective is your email marketing strategy? Remove the guesswork with metrics that go far beyond open rates and click-through. Influx MD gives you the full picture for every campaign with end-to-end tracking for any goal whether it is seminar sign-ups or leads that become patients.

Reduces Time

Reduces Time and Effort for Effective Marketing

We know you have busy schedules and creating a monthly email for your customers takes time away from patient care. That's why we designed our email system from the ground up to save time while delivering one of the most sophisticated and powerful customized marketing emails available.  Ask for a demonstration. You need to see it to believe what it can do to save you time.


Nurtures leads until they are ready

Timing is everything for lead conversion. Don’t let visitors leave your site without enrolling them in a nurturing program proven to increase your conversions over-time. Lost leads move seamlessly into nurturing programs and receive timely, relevant text and video emails to keep your practice top of mind when they are ready to convert.

Targets segments

Targets specific segments with appropriate messages

All serious email marketing systems segment lists. The problem is, where does your email system get the data on each customer to decide which list they should belong to? Influx MD has access to everything you know about each lead giving it almost unlimited segmenting options to ensure the right message goes to the right person at the right time.

Individually Customized

Individually customized for a completely relevant experience

Influx takes customization beyond anything you have seen before giving each lead a completely personalized and unique email experience. Smart mail selects articles, videos, and promotions based on a deep profile analysis of every lead. Preferences, sales cycle stage, interests, and any one of hundreds of profile points are used by Influx to automatically develop an email to get the best result. And it all happens without any effort from you or your team. This is automated marketing at its best.


Incorporates information people want

When you send leads information of value to them they keep accepting it.  Every email that is accepted is an opportunity to reengage and convert the lead. Influx monitors the behavior of your leads and adjusts content to deliver information that the lead demonstrates and interest in.  Using click metrics, survey results, and the lead's stated interests, Influx provides a uniquely valuable email experience for the lead that only improves with time.

Builds Trust

Strengthens Relationships, loyalty and trust

Reliable and valuable communication that delivers real value to those you send it to, strengthens your credibility and helps you develop long-term relationships that deliver referrals and patient advocates with a minimum of time and effort from your team.  Influx learns from your customers and develops a deep understanding of their preferences and needs. By delivering only what your clients want, you engender the trust that results in more patents and greater customer satisfaction with your brand.

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