The benefits of Managing Customer Relationships.

Create relationships with your customers that increase enrollment and referrals for your medical practice.

Here's why Influx MD is your ideal medical CRM choice.


Facilitates Collaboration and Information Sharing

Influx MD creates seamless communication channels between your team and leads/patients to improve information sharing and keeping everyone up-to-date at all times.  Customers who enter a collaborative relationship with their medical practice report greater satisfaction at the same time as they reduce the difficulty team members often experience trying to keep lead or patient records updated.

Cloud computing

Increased Efficiency with Cloud Based Access

The ability to access Influx MD from anywhere with an internet connection dramatically increases the flexibility your team has for managing client interactions. Our Clinic Link lead resource center is designed for mobile access to keep your customers updated any time they want without the need to take time your team needs for other tasks.

customer loyalty

Enhances Customer Loyalty

Outstanding service and communication are the foundations on which loyal customers are developed. Loyal customers refer family and friends while serving as advocates for your program.  Referrals are one of the most reliable patient sources with higher than average conversion rates and practically zero acquisition costs. All it takes is a customer centric approach to service with CRM software like Influx MD.

Effective Communication

Improves Effectiveness of Communication

Prove to your leads and patients that they are "not just a number."  Now every team-member has access to information about a lead during every interaction.  No matter who is assisting the lead they won't have to explain their situation from the beginning because your team members will have access to it already.  Your leads will instantly see and hear the difference between being understood and just being a stranger.

Save Time

Reduces Staff time for Repetitive Tasks

The myriad tasks associated with completing a sale or walking a lead through a complex enrollment process can be difficult for even seasoned sales staff to keep track of.  By automating many repetitive tasks, these time consuming yet important chores can be taken care of without taking your team away from other vital customer centered actions.


Provides Analytics and Reporting for Process Improvement

Choke points, bottlenecks, leaks and stall points rob you of valuable lead conversions and prolong enrollment cycles. Built in reporting quickly identifies areas in your process that ay be affecting the flow of leads through your practice. Even small improvements can have a significant effect on efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.

Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

Keeping leads and patients happy takes more than providing high quality medical care. Negative reviews, lost leads, and complaints are more often the result of perceived poor customer service before or after the procedure than from the procedure itself.  Influx facilitates resolution of customer issues by rapid identification, routing to the right person and ensuring that the issue is dealt with by someone with all the information right in front of them. Even providing 24x7 access to resources and support materials in the Clinic Link Portal keeps leads and patients believing that their satisfaction is important to you.


Simplifies Sales and Marketing Processes

Not everyone in your practices is an experienced sales person.  To consistently turn leads into patients, however, every member of the team has to understand and participate in the sales process when they are called upon to do so.  Influx, guides your team through your practice specific sales process ensuring nothing is forgotten and everything that can be done to help leads convert is done.

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