Measure and optimize to gain insights into marketing performance and opportunities for improvement.

Capture the metrics that matter with Influx MD. Aggregate data from all your marketing channels and campaigns and relate them directly to prospects acquired and leads converted into patients. Identify issues and take immediate steps to correct and maintain a high level of efficiency.

Influx MD analyses every lead interaction to identify patterns of value for optimizing your workflow and gaining better results from your marketing.

Benchmark Reporting

Benchmark Reporting

Track critical events within a workflow to make incremental and meaningful improvement.

Small improvements in a business process can make a significant difference in costs and revenue for your medical practice. Influx MD supports incremental changes within your workflow using benchmark reporting and workflow analysis.

High impact tasks are monitored to ensure compliance and identify optimal timing that achieves the best conversion outcomes. Once you establish a baseline, target performance and benchmark reports provide feedback on variance from your targets.

Identify Problems with Your Workflow

Opportunities for reducing cycle times and eliminating bottlenecks or choke points are easily identified using visual reporting on all aspects of the sales pipeline.

Transparency in all areas of intake workflow allows you to quickly spot any areas of process slow-down that may indicate a problem. Setting benchmark metrics at critical points in your lead pathways helps you minimize problems and measure solution effectiveness in real time.

Problems with Your Workflow

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Closed-Loop Reporting and ROI

Remove the guesswork for marketing effectiveness with metrics that go far beyond website traffic, view rates, and click-through.

Get the full picture for every campaign with end-to-end tracking for any marketing or lead generation goal.

Use closed-loop reporting to demonstrate the value of various external campaigns and the current allocation of your marketing budget. These reports help direct future budget allocations into the most productive marketing strategies.