One-Page Lead Record in Influx MD

Influx MD keeps everything your team needs to know about each lead a single page record to ensure information can be accessed quickly and efficiently when it’s needed.

The lead record provides a real-time view of all demographics, communication, automated actions and lead engagement through every stage of the lead conversion cycle.

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Customizable Demographic Information

Collect and store any information you need on your leads with pre-configured or custom fields.

Along with standard contact information, Influx includes over 100 insurance, employment, and emergency contact fields to add with a single click. You can even add custom fields to collect any information you need for later use in email segmenting or reporting.

Real-Time Lead Status

The lead record displays a real-time custom intake map for each lead to provide an up-to-the-minute view of where the lead is and what tasks to perform next.

Regardless of how complex your intake map may be, Influx keeps your contacts moving forward with task lists, reminders, and alerts. Your team will never let another lead slip through the cracks.

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Complete Communication History

With integrated email, text messaging, and secure chat, influx maintains a single record of all communication between your team and each lead.

No more messages lost in staff email or personal cell phones. The lead record allows any team member to see all communication so they can seamlessly interact when other team members are out of the office