Integrated Email System

Influx manages all email communication between agents and leads using a robust email platform capable of scaling to send and track thousands of emails per second.

Emails from leads are extracted and stored in the lead record to provide a complete communication history in one location.

Marketing Emails

Transactional and Marketing Emails

Incorporate our powerful email system for both transactional emails and those designed for marketing such as newsletters, nurturing, and promotions.

Every email Influx sends is validated, tracked for delivery and opening to provide an accurate picture of email effectiveness and lead engagement.

Email Engagement Metrics

Are your leads reading the emails you send?

Review performance with unique opens, link clicks, and delivery on all types of emails. Use aggregate data to learn how leads are engaging with your emails or campaigns. Combine these metrics with A/B testing and behavioral tracking to optimize future emails for each lead.

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CAN_SPAM Protection

Protect your medical practice from complaints and violation of federal law by ensuring each email meets CAN-SPAM requirements.

Your emails are always in compliance with federal laws using address footers, opt -out and preference adjustment along with a full record of how the lead was added to your mailing list. Influx maintains the integrity of your email list and your sender reputation with major email service providers by automatically removing ze bad addresses or emails that fail repeatedly.