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Palmyra Surgical Dropped cost of conversion by over 50%

John Bagnato testimonial for Influx MD

We've worked with several other lead management tools and found it hard to justify the work our staff have to do to keep them updated. But with Influx MD our staff find it easy to use and it does a lot of their work for them. Most importantly, It gives me a complete view of how we are helping prospective patients work through the qualification process for surgery. The reports we get from Influx MD track everything about a lead from details about ads that attracted them to how we responded to them to win them as patients. Our ability to use this information to improve patient conversion more than pays for the software and keeps all our staff accountable and engaged in our success.

V. John Bagnato MD. Bariatric Surgeon at Palmyra Surgical

Cedar Park Bariatrics 543% increase in enrollments

Nicole Basa testimonial for Influx MD

We started marketing campaigns at the beginning of year. While our lead volume increased, patient conversions changed very little. Shortly after introducing Influx MD it revealed issues with our workflow that were responsible for our low conversions. With this information and advice from our Influx MD coaches, we made changes to our marketing and workflow that have given us dramatic results. Patient conversion rates are up over 500% and we can see exactly how our marketing investment is affecting the number of surgeries performed.

Nicole Basa, MD. Bariatric Surgeon at Cedar Park Surgeons.