5-ways to Show Medical Clients your Value

The complexity of marketing a medical practice is frequently misunderstood by your clients. Misinformation is rampant and the notion promoted by opportunist marketing practitioners that online marketing is child’s play is readily accepted by many physicians.
Finding ways to show your clients your true value and justify the cost of best practice is a challenge when most meaningful metrics are difficult to surface for your clients.

Influx focuses on the metrics that matter the most to marketers -leads and conversions.

It’s no secret that the only marketing metric that matters to a medical practice is new patients and the sale of services. Here’s five ways you can use Influx to generate additional revenue through services while demonstrating value to your client.

Lead generation

Use Influx campaign tracking to identify lead origen and track from acquisition to conversion. Focus attention on lead sources that you can market to clients and demonstrate value through CPA metric

Conversion optimization

Discuss target conversion metrics for medical practice staff and provide them with tools and training to help them increase conversion rates. Demonstrate value by identifying and correcting conversion issues and providing Cost per conversion and ROI metrics

Nurturing programs

Nurturing leads is a proven method for increasing conversions by up to 33%. Provide fully developed conversion campaigns with a duration of 12 to 18 months using copy writing, videography and other engagement techniques. Demonstrate value with return conversion metrics.

Landing pages.

Create split tests for your clients and track versions through lead acquisition and conversion. Demonstrate value showing not only versions that create the most leads but versions that convert the most patients

email campaigns

Create ongoing email programs using drip campaigns and triggered emails from within Influx. A/B test your copy, images and headers within influx and adjust send proportions based on winning versions. Demonstrate value by tracking conversions facilitated or optimized through your email campaigns.

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